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big group chat energy

We tell each other everything here.

the problem

It’s 2022, and we need to talk about the gender information gap.


Over generations, social, political, intellectual, cultural, and economic information resources have defaulted to serve the “default male” population.

As a result, women talk, having learned that the fastest way to reliable, valuable information is through each other instead.


What does this look like in the real world? Asking your best friend to write a breakup message for you. Telling your sister how to actually negotiate for a raise at work. Gossiping about sex the morning after. Crowdsourcing the group chat on their anxiety medication recommendations.

You get the picture.


But how does this play out when all of the world’s information lives online, scattered haphazardly across search engines and social media? Not well. When we have a question, our first instinct is still to turn to the internet for answers. But the information we find is often SEO optimized, generic, or misinformed. And discovering relevant resources—meaning information that feels specific to our individual needs—often feels impossible.

the solution

Diem is building a social search engine.

A dedicated place for people to search, collect, discover and share information with each other, inspired by the way women have been passing knowledge to eachother for centuries.

Think of it like the best and biggest group chat you’ve ever been a part of, where all the important, silly, quick, private, and frenetic knowledge you share is organized and stored for everyone to benefit from.

big group chat energy




Searching for answers to your questions online can often feel lonely and frustrating. Diem is a place where we embrace candid conversations—about friendships, birth control, toxic masculinity, harassment, chronic pain, big career moves, enthralling books, easy recipes, and everything in between—in order to turn those conversations into public resources. The plan is to close the gender information gap together, primarily by collating a credible, people-powered database of knowledge. Diem’s community is what makes Diem’s technology work.


Wisdom is like a currency here—we think of every person’s unique experience as a well of expertise that someone else can learn from. After all, so many “taboo” universal experiences go unspoken in public spheres (so let’s talk about them!). There are no popularity contests in Diem, and we don’t prioritize content that is curated to perfection. Instead, we encourage open conversations among our community members where people feel safe to both talk and listen.

The Diem universe has the same energy that exists in your favorite group chat or in the women’s bathroom of a crowded bar at 1 am. We’re strangers that can band together over shared experiences. We acknowledge that we all have our own life journeys and opinions, but that there’s always more to learn and add to the conversation.


In Diem, we promise to protect your personal data—and we’ll never share it. Your searches won’t be subpoenaed here. Pseudonyms are also welcome, because who doesn’t want an alter ego?

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