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The reason we started Diem is because we felt that the way people interact on the internet is not reflective of how we interact in real life (‘we’ being women and non-binary folk). The purpose of Diem is to create the ultimate knowledge sharing platform where communities and individuals can thrive. For that to occur, Diem needs to be a safe, supportive space with a culture rooted in trust, respect and empathy. These guidelines help to ensure we can create and sustain that culture.


They are living and breathing guidelines that will evolve as the communities in Diem grow. 



#1: Kindness & Curiosity 

Diem is a place for people to bring their whole selves to without fear of judgement or discrimination. We all have different backgrounds and perspectives — Diem should be a space where you can express those freely. Respect and kindness is paramount and there will be no tolerance for nastiness. Curiosity plays an important role in trying to understand where someone else is coming from. How can you ask other members questions instead of making assumptions? How can you seek to understand instead of judge?

#2: Give First 

Diem operates on the basis of reciprocity. If all community members come to Diem with the purpose to give, then everyone will benefit (including you!). If you approach Diem by thinking; "What can I offer this community?" As opposed to "What can I take from this community?" you’ll be on the right track. Diem is only as powerful as the voices in it. Share your experiences, your tips and invite your outside community. 


#3: Facts, Not Fiction

The communities in Diem are not a place to share falsehoods. Period. Before sharing, ask yourself: do I know this to be true? 


#4: Offering & Suggestion 

Knowledge sharing involves sharing advice. It can be helpful to think of giving advice as an offering as opposed to a mandate. We want to avoid telling each other what to do with their lives, and instead, offer our experience for others to take what they will from it.  We support freedom of choice, but we're also pro-fact and pro-grace. We won't tolerate misinformation or the trolling of others' choices for the sake of proving a point. 


#5: Empathetic Engagement 

Imagine you’re in the same room as other Diem members. How would you treat each? How would you actively listen and engage? Replicate those same rules of conduct and communication in Diem. 



Legal Rules of Engagement

You must be at least 18 years old to use Diem.

​You cannot use Diem to abuse, bully or harass any user or groups of users in Diem.

There's no place for discrimination, engagement in hateful speech or threatening harm/violence against any person or groups of people will result in your account being suspended indefinitely.


No recording or sharing of information found in Diem is allowed.


No spreading of false info or spam! Your account will be suspended for this behavior.


If you witness a violation of the Community Guidelines or Rules of Engagement, please report them to us via or via the in-app "Report" button.

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