Meet Team Diem!

Emma Bates: Co-Founder & CEO at Diem

Emma Bates

Co-Founder & CEO

Divia Singh: Co-Founder & COO at Diem

Divia Singh

Co-Founder & COO

Our Medical Advisors

Diem's medical team is built of a devoted team of womxn who understand that systemic inequalities exist inherently within the medical industry, they operate through a historical trauma and oppressive lens.

Dr Barbara Levy, MD, FACOG, FACS: Chief Medical Advisor at Diem

Dr. Barbara Levy 

Chief Medical Advisor

Jasjit Bhinder, MD: Medical Advisor at Diem

Dr. Jasjit Bhinder 

Medical Advisor

Nicole Deziel, RN: Medical Advisor at Diem

Nicole Deziel, RN

Medical Advisor

Jess Fields, MD, FACOG: Medical Advisor at Diem

Dr. Jessica Fields

Medical Advisor


Shyann Bouchard, RN

Medical Advisor

Product, Design & Engineering

Nidhi Patel: UI/UX Research & Design at Diem

Nidhi Patel

UI/UX Research & Design

Siddhartha Bhardwaj: Software Engineer at Diem

Siddhartha Bhardwaj

Software Engineer

Ravtej Kohli, Product Manager at Diem

Ravtej Kohli

Product Manager

Our Interns

Tobe Chima: Partnerships & Marketing Intern at Diem

Tobe Chima

Partnerships & Marketing Intern

Isabella La Rocca: Graphic Design & Marketing Intern at Diem

Isabella la Rocca

Graphic Design & Marketing Intern

Gursimar Singh: UX Research & Digital Product Intern at Diem

Gursimar Singh

UX Research & Digital Product Intern