Should I be Double Masking? The Tea from a Medical Provider

How to Double Mask Pandemic

It’s important to note that while this pandemic continues to evolve, our recommendations to keep you safe will as well. At all times, we encourage you to refer to your local health authorities for the most up to date advice.

The content we have for you about mask-wearing was the most up-to-date as of February 10th 2021.

Double masking? Say what? While we don’t recommend doubling up always ( condom is enough) it appears that double masking can greatly reduce your risk of transmitting or catching COVID-19.

We guess this is sort of common sense, if we think of each layer of fabric/material in a mask is creating a filter (less space for infectious particles to get into), the more “tightly woven” filter the better. However, masks have to work by still allowing air to pass through the material, rather than around.

What we see so far:

  • It appears that a fabric mask over a surgical mask can protect against COVID-19 transmission up to approximately 90%. A lot of variables come into play here, one being if those around you are also wearing proper masks, if the mask fits tightly around your face, and we are unsure what this means for new variants that have popped up. However, we can see that this offers significantly more protection that a single layered cloth mask.

Diem’s take on mask wearing:

  • It’s a must. Mask wearing not only shows that we believe in science, but it also shows that we care about ourselves and those around us. We also love to see a multi-layered mask, and it needs to fit around your face tightly. (Yes we double mask).

  • We also want to note that masks need to be worn over your nose, not under it.

  • Lastly, we also believe a great way to filter out not-so-suitable suitors on dating apps is asking off-the-bat about mask wearing. Consider that a free dating tip, you're welcome.

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