The 411 on Trichomoniasis

What: Sexually transmitted infection that is caused by a protozoan (read: parasite). OK, yes that sounds gross but worms won’t be exiting out of your vagina anytime soon.

How: Transmitted through vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Also, can be transmitted from mother--> newborn at birth.

Symptoms: Ouch! Itching, burning, sore or red genitals, discomfort with urination, and changes to vaginal discharge from baseline (discharge can be yellow, white, clear, green, and I’m sorry friends… have a fishy smell).

Good news: This is treatable with medication. As usual, follow up with your doctor is important after you start treatment.

Bad news: If you have trichomoniasis, it is easier to contract other STI’s. Also, if pregnant it can cause preterm labor.

Some good news again:

Using condoms and other barrier methods can reduce your risk of infection.