Building a wellness business during a pandemic with model and founder of T-F Studio, Tasha Franken

How has your background in the modeling industry changed your perspective on the fitness industry?

I have been a model for over 10 years and have gone through all sorts of phases when it comes to my own fitness journey. I tried every trendy workout class, trainer and method out there but struggled to find the right workout for me until I discovered Pilates and changed my perception of WHY I work out. Once I changed my internal dialogue from I HAVE to work out to I WANT to work out, everything started falling into place for me when it came to my personal fitness journey. I discovered intuitive movement, moving my body how I want to and when I want to and for the right reasons! There is so much to choose from and so many ways to get influenced and swayed by what others are doing, so I think it's really important to acknowledge that there is no one method for everyone. You have to find what works for YOU and no one else.

What does a typical day in the life look like for you?

I LOVE routine but each day can be so different! I typically wake up around 7.30 (I love my mornings) and drink a lot of liquids. I have room temperature water, herbal tea and coffee :) Then I'll sit down on my beanbag and meditate, journal and check my to do list. I typically will then go on a walk or workout first thing before I get distracted by my day. I try and take control of my day before it takes control of me! The rest of the day really depends on if I'm modelling or working on T –– F Studio! But surprisingly I spend A LOT of time on my laptop working and then in the evenings, I'll shoot my Pilates videos!

How do you keep up the creativity when planning and crafting workouts?

Good question, I used to plan my workouts before filming but now I just decide what I want to focus on and turn on the camera and go! I feel my most creative when I just get moving, overthinking doesn't work well for me and I learned that pretty early on!

Tell us a little about your experience building a wellness business in the middle of a pandemic?

I think the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for me. I know it might sound cliche but I believe that everything happens for a reason. I had just finished my Pilates certification when we suddenly went into lockdown and all my modeling jobs started canceling one after the other. So when the pandemic hit I was able to use the time to pivot into a new career. Which, I don't know if I would have been able to do if I was still modeling full time. It was a time where I didn't want to sit still and knew that this was my opportunity. So I pushed past my own fear and doubts and just went for it! I started recording videos and through the process, I realized how much I love teaching and filming and it all fell into place for me. That being said, it was A LOT of hard work and I never took a break but it gave me space to create, kept me busy and focused at the same time!

You spoke out about your eating disorder and road to recovery recently – what do you wish people understood or spoke about more in relation to eating disorders?

I wish people spoke more about it in general! It is so so common to have some form of disordered eating. It worries me how with social media etc the numbers are increasing and affecting younger and younger people!

One thing I wish people with eating disorders understood that there is nothing to be ashamed of and that you CAN overcome it. There is a huge misconception where a lot of people think that once you have an eating disorder you will always have it. I completely disagree with this and can say that you absolutely can! If you can admit it and work on letting go of the control little by little every single day, you can and you will overcome it. It's really important to ask for help and surround yourself with people who care and can help you.

How important is nutrition when it comes to fitness and overall health?

Nutrition is really important! Not just when it comes to fitness but overall health. Food truly is medicine and is such a powerful way to heal and nourish Healthy eating can prevent illness, improve mood and so much more, the list is endless. But nutrition is often looked at as something restricting because of all the diets and trends constantly bombarding us! I believe that nutrition should be seen as self-love and not deprivation! And I'm not saying you have to eat super healthy, everything in moderation, and do what feels good for you! There is no one diet for everyone!

Tell us about your goals for growing T—F studio?

I have so many goals, I’m learning to take one step at a time before jumping ahead!! But mainly I just want to keep improving the platform and reach as many people as possible! I want to spread the message that movement can be enjoyable and doesn't have to be complicated! My videos range from 5 mins to 60 mins so you can always find an option for any moment of the day! I also use a small amount of optional and affordable equipment that you can store all together into a bag, which is great if you've only got a small area to work with or if you’re traveling! And lastly, each video is created to work for everybody to use anywhere and anytime! My main goal is to provide a no-frills, unique Pilates method that strengthens both mind and body.

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