Shyann, RN on finding the right therapist, self-care and building resilience

We sat down with Shyann Bouchard, skincare aficionado, medical contributor & host at Diem. Shyann's a Registered Nurse, specializing in mental health with training in CBT & DBT a.k.a a superstar!!!

Shyann! Tell us a little about yourself...

Where are you from? Born and raised in Montreal, but currently living in Toronto!

What do you currently do? Currently, I work with public school boards with students who are struggling with mental health concerns.

What are your favourite pastimes? I love to embroider, take long walks with my pup, and watching all Real Housewives installments

How are you able to integrate your passions with your work today?

I live for self-care. I started embroidering because I was incredibly anxious; embroidery was a way that I could be mindful while using fine motor skills. It is such a beautiful way to turn down the ruminating thoughts and focus on just my needle and thread, while being proud the artwork I was producing. As a result, I'm a huge advocate for engaging in self-care/taking time for yourself.

Mental health and isolation - how do we stay in a healthy mindset during this time?

Take time to step away from the news and social media! While it is understandable that we all want to stay connected and informed, the ever-changing and neverending information can be overwhelming without recognizing it.

What's your best advice on finding the right therapist?

Be patient. Just because you don't feel comfortable with one therapist, it may be a case of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears where you need to find the perfect fit. Allow yourself to try to find the right therapist for you, where you feel as safe as you possible.

Some of us are really great at staying busy so that we don’t pay attention to or block out our emotions. What are some mechanisms to handle the influx of emotions that come with the slowing down of quarantine? (What are some of your proper coping methods for anxiety?)

Self-care is absolutely key in balancing the chaos around us.

Slowing down by practicing meditation/ engage in mindfulness.

Practice Gratitude, and try journaling to help focus on the positive.

Respect your limits! If you feel overwhelmed, prioritize taking space for yourself. Engage in self-care, including being mindful of caffeine intake and maintaining good sleep hygiene

How do we help someone that doesn’t want to be helped?

It's tough knowing that a loved one could benefit from help and is not in a space to accept it. We can give our loved ones information so that resources are readily available and if you are in fear of any imminent safety concerns, call emergency services. However, sometimes we cannot force help for those who are not ready for it.

Are there any new directions in this field that you are passionate about educating women about?

Though not a new direction, I have been entrenched in research in racial trauma and racial anxiety. I am incredibly passionate about helping folks build resilience.

What’s a piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?

Don't put so much energy into what others think.

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