Self-Love and Prioritizing your Own Needs!

What does self-love and prioritizing yourself really mean? We hear the phrase “Self-Love” in magazines, media and so many other places. I have learned that loving yourself is essential to living a happy life. I would like to talk about my journey with it shortly and give you some tips on making self-love and yourself a priority… you deserve to love yourself!!!

As a kid, I had all the self-love for myself naturally. I dreamt big and felt like I had all the talent and ability for anything. As I got older that self-love for myself started to unknowingly diminish at times.

At the beginning of college, I prioritized my academics, sport, and relationships way above my own personal and mental needs. I soon started to not feel good about myself and had to reflect on why. I quickly realized that I had forgotten how to love myself and be my own biggest advocate. My self-worth was wrapped up in pleasing others, not in my own needs. I understood that I had control over making changes to prioritize myself so that things would get better...and they did!

Here are some tips on things that shifted my mindset and allowed me to start being my own BFF!

  • The first thing I had to do was reevaluate my life in general. I asked myself: is the path I’m on right now setting me up for success/making me happy?

  • I began making some changes: I wasn’t interested in my major (computer science) so I switched to something that really interested me: Marketing and Graphic Design. I also stopped playing lacrosse my sophomore year because it wasn’t enjoyable for me anymore.

  • I worked on my self-talk: if you aren’t kind to yourself, you can’t expect to feel good about yourself. (positive self-talk can be challenging, you really have to work on it! It does change when you do some of the things listed below & make a conscious effort)

  • I began prioritizing my physical health by getting more sleep, eating healthier, and creating a routine. All these changes started to impact how I felt about myself in a really good way!

  • I prioritized my mental health by hanging out with people that made me feel good and said no to social things if I felt that I didn’t want to do them (can be hard to say no, but your time is too precious).

  • I started opening up to my loved one’s about how I felt and their love for me helped improve my own feelings toward myself.

  • I started valuing my time more and doing things I loved: If I have free time I like to watch my favorite shows, hike, read, etc. I made time for things that made me feel happy!

  • I worked on focusing on the moment and not letting past or future worries get to me:)

Overall, self-love is a journey and it isn’t always easy. But when you start to care for yourself as much as you care for the people you love -- good things happen! Take time to figure out what you like to do and the life you want to have! If you are your own BFF then things tend to fall into place.

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