The deep dive on period products and choosing the right one for you.

Period Products Information

There are many factors to consider when identifying the best product for your body and life (eg. cost, sustainability, physical activity level, ease of use, time efficiency)!


These soak up menstrual flow; there’s different sizes, styles, and thicknesses. Change your pad at least every 4-8hrs; this is the most frequently chosen product.


These catch flow from inside the vagina; also different shapes and sizes, change at least every 4-8hrs; tampons absorb all fluid including menstrual flow and vaignal lubricant and bacteria so a this can disrupt the natural pH balance, causing irritation or discomfort for some people. Super absorbent tampons may be particularly problematic.

FAQ: Can your tampon get lost inside of you?

No, we know, sometimes it’s hard to retrieve if the string cannot be felt or breaks off, but the tampon will stay in your vagina and will not get lost in your abdomen. You can always make a gyno appointment to help find it because yes, it happens more often than people discuss(!)


These catch the flow from inside the vagina; made of plastic or rubber and usually leave in place 8-12 hrs; some are used once and thrown away and others are washed and reused.

  • They’ve been on the market since the 1960s (in the form of an aluminum cup)!

  • BONUS FEATURE: they do not dry out the vagina’s natural moisture like tampons

  • They require insertion involving folding the cup in half (like a taco!🌮 ), pinching it between your fingers, insertion into the vagina, and release; it uses suction to create a seal between the rim and the vaginal canal; they are highly cost effective.


  • Made with many layers of microfiber polyester; some people do not like this feeling. Requires washing of the underwear post wear. Can sometimes be used together with other products.

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