Is Sex Painful? It Shouldn’t Be.

Sex should be enjoyable. Period (yes, even if you’re on yours). However, sex at times is not only unenjoyable, but painful. Sex should never be painful, ever.

Pain with sex is a red flag that should alert you to seek medical attention ASAP. Great news, there are a lot of fairly easy-to-manage causes of painful sex.

Examples include urinary tract infections, trauma, lack of lubrication, irritation, and even stress. Other issues however, require more urgent assessment and include sexually transmitted infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, or endometriosis (to name a few).

Urgent medical attention is warranted if you are experiencing severe pain, have a fever, a lot of sudden and unexpected bleeding, or one sided pain. If you have an IUD and you experience sudden severe pain, with or without bleeding, proceed to the emergency room.

If you seek medical attention and the worrisome stuff we have listed above has been ruled out, the following things can be done to prevent painful penetrative sex.

  1. Adequate lubrication/longer foreplay.

  2. Avoid douching

  3. If you recently changed soaps/body wash/laundry detergent, change back to the one you were using when you weren’t in pain.

  4. Counselling if you feel your discomfort from sex could be due to psychological stress.

  5. Changing position, particularly if the pain comes from the angle/depth of intercourse.

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