Changing the menstrual health conversation with Melanie & Rachel, MOONS co-founders

Melanie Evers and Rachel Donnovan MOONS

Hi ladies! Tell us more about yourselves...

Rachel: Prior to CoFounding MOONS, my 20+ year career as a Creative Director in advertising, had me spending my days, nights and weekends dreaming up, art directing, and designing campaigns for global brands across multiple industries; Airbnb, Dove, Cadillac, and Colgate to name a few. I'm a new mom, avid yogi, and passionate daydreamer.

Melanie: I'm a digital product and e-commerce executive with 20+ years of experience launching new products and businesses for small and scrappy startups as well as very large, established organizations. Some of the brands I've worked with include Reuters Media, ABC News, DailyCandy, Artspace Marketplace and Milk Bar. I enjoy solving problems, which is something we do daily at MOONS, as a startup. I also love good food, good wine and dream of traveling again soon!

You're building MOONS... tell us more!

For many of us, our monthly periods are confusing, isolating, embarrassing, or annoying. Part of this is a cultural problem, and part of it is a marketplace problem. At MOONS, we want to change both. Through innovation, compassion, and sheer determination, we are out to make the experience of our moons—and ultimately, the experience of every phase and cycle of a woman's life—a better one.

When can readers buy MOONS? How can they engage before you launch?

MOONS duets™ is available for pre-sale orders now! Visit us at to access a limited-time pre-sale offer to get your first month of duets™ free. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @respectthemoon for updates on our roll out and for inspirational, educational and beautiful content that will make your day, and your moon, feel a little bit better.

If you could have one positive social impact on the world, what would it be?

At MOONS, we're embracing and changing the conversation and experience around our monthly moons. We're on a mission to help make the experience of every girl and woman's moon, a better one.

What do you wish was different about the women's menstrual health space?

We wish the experience was better. We wish it was more understood, and respected. We wish it didn't make people uncomfortable and we wish more VC funding went to female founders innovating in this space, but that's a whole separate blog post :)

Advice for women looking to build a brand?

KEEP GOING! Launching a new brand at any time, but especially during a global pandemic, is not easy, but don't give up! Surround yourself with other smart, inspiring people who motivate you, cheer you on and provide strategic and emotional support through the process. Celebrate all of the wins - big and small, and be grateful for all of the losses - they are the true teachers.

As you know, community is everything to us at Diem... how have your communities helped you both personally or professionally?

We literally wouldn't be here without our communities! We met each other through Chief! The Chief community has opened so many connections and growth opportunities and introduced us to other very inspiring, successful women and leaders. Dream Ventures is another community that helped us get to where we are. Much of our fundraising traction and success to date can be traced back to the Founder, Annie Evans. Her network is deep, her connections are thoughtful, and her perseverance is so damn inspiring.

Our personal communities of friends, family, and colleagues have also been instrumental. Not only have they been incredible champions, but they have also shown up for us. Some have made introductions, some have donated their time and talents, shared advice and strategies, and some have become investors. We acknowledge the support we have received from our people and we truly can't thank them enough.

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