Meet Jessica Fields, OBGYN and Maternal-Fetal Medicine fellow.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Jess and I am currently a first year fellow in Maternal-Fetal Medicine (specializing in high risk pregnancy). I am originally from NY and completed all of my prior education and training in the area at Princeton, Mount Sinai, and New York Presbyterian Hospital- Weill Cornell. I am passionate about many areas in medicine with a true love for compassionate care and guiding patients through their journey to have successful pregnancies.

Describe your experience of what it was like working during COVID.

I have worked in various medical settings during the COVID pandemic including on the labor floor, in the operating room, and in the office and ultrasound unit. COVID has proved to be challenging for everyone in almost every aspect of life. The start of COVID in NYC last Spring was very difficult - patients dying, supplies short, and fear rampant with little understanding of how we would tackle this deadly disease. The pandemic has pushed me to take my care of patients to the next level and has reinforced the importance of my values in empathy, education, awareness, and equality.

Did you take time for yourself? How do you do that? What are some tools or methods that you use?

I have not taken much time for myself during the pandemic. I believe that patient care is a priority and I love what I do. I do think it's crucial to live every day to the fullest and surround yourself with the people you love!

What drives you and makes you wake up in the morning?

My work! I cannot imagine another career in the world. Also, I wouldn’t be the person I am without my amazing fiancé, and family.

In times like now, what are some tools that new mothers can use to manage their stress?

Stress can, unfortunately, play a role in one’s pregnancy. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety can lead to poor outcomes for mothers such as miscarriage or infertility. I generally think it is important to try to identify one's stressors and minimize those stressors to the best of one's ability - communicate with your partner or family, exercise, eat well, go after what makes YOU happy! This is obviously not always easy due to many influences that we have no control over, especially a pandemic, but it is important to keep in mind for a healthy pregnancy.

What’s one piece of advice that you would give to your teenage self?

Follow your passion!

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