Meet the student, graphic designer & sex-health writer, Maia Brown

Maia Brown Sex-Health Writer
Maia Brown

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m based in NYC where I’m a junior studying Advertising/Marketing and Graphic Design at Pace University and work as a Sex Health writer and Graphic Designer, amongst many other things! I grew up in a very health conscious and sex positive household, where talking about sex was always as comfortable as chatting about the weather. The emphasis was always on taking care of yourself and enjoying how you feel. As a half African American and half Ashkenazi Jewish woman, also raised with Buddhism, I always felt like I checked so many boxes that I didn’t have a true space where I belonged. When I discovered the health and wellness industry I realized that at our core we’re all striving to simply feel good! Throughout my work and life, I enjoy using my passions for art and design to help people feel empowered about the interconnectedness of their minds and bodies.

What was your moment of realization that you wanted to become a sex health writer?

I started my career when I was 12 by starting a petcare business to fund a fashion blog that I was building. The intersection of technological design and creativity has always been an interest of mine. In high school I started working as a fashion writer for my city’s newspaper, and slowly became interested in functional wear and how it interacts with our bodies. The summer before my senior year I completed a program with the New York Times where I created a lingerie line that featured sexy, sustainable, and leak proof underwear for women with incontinence as a solution for wasteful adult diapers. Coincidentally, during my first month of college I saw a job posting for a content job at Allbodies (a platform for sexual and reproductive health) and decided to take the leap from fashion to health! I find it very fulfilling and fun to be able to educate and engage people about their main home- their bodies.

Who inspires you most in the industry?

My community! I’ve been fortunate to have come across a variety of individuals who each have their own story to share. From my hometown of Annapolis, MD to NYC it’s been very interesting to hear how similar we all are despite the multitude of elements of our backgrounds. I once did a project with my online community discussing our experiences of losing our virginities. Despite everyone’s sexualities, geographical location, gender identity, etc. they all expressed that a lack of sexual education hindered their self expression and comfort level. This inspired me to continue advocating for sexual education and openness in regards to pleasure and health.

What's the biggest lesson you've learnt since the beginning of the pandemic?

I’ve learned to really savor my surroundings. Wherever I am, whether it’s within the four walls of my apartment or outside on my daily walk, I’ve become more appreciative of the finer details of life. I personally took the time to slow down and invest in my mental health, which is something that I’ve become much more comfortable talking about. I have Depression, Anxiety, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), and a long history of Eating Disorders. One of the best pieces of advice that I received was that “sometimes you have to do the thing that feels the hardest in order to feel better.” While getting out of bed and eating breakfast in the morning sounds so simple, the reality of having a mental illness is that these “small tasks” feel like trudging up a never-ending staircase. With the help of my community and family, I was able to start taking long-term steps to “smooth the waves” of high and lows that I experienced.

What piece of writing are you most proud of?

My website has always been a digital extension of my identity! There, I enjoy sharing both my personal and professional pursuits.

If you could have one positive social impact on the world... what would it be

I’m honestly still trying to figure this one out! Generally, I want to be able to make more space for everyone in the sexual health and medical industry. I’ve been saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way and doing my best to absorb people’s stories and insights. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m only getting started in life and that it’s okay not to know all of the answers. By being a part of different communities IRL, on social media, and on Diem, it’s helped me as I continue to grow.

As you know – we're all about community... how has your community helped you personally?

That sense of belonging is so essential, even more now than ever given the current state of our world. It’s our human nature to seek connections and build spaces where we can share our successes and struggles. Professionally, my community has always supported my endeavors by sharing opportunities and advice. Personally, they listen and encourage me to enjoy the ride of life. I’m very lucky to have such a strong community, and I truly would not be where I am without all of the mentors and friends that I’ve crossed paths with. Every opportunity that I’ve had has been from someone seeing and believing in me. From when I was an ambitious kid coding my site and collaging with magazines in my childhood bedroom, to where I stand now as a woman working multiple jobs and pursuing my education to better myself and give back to them.

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