Lyndsey Wheeler on Building Brand Awareness

Hi! Tell us more about yourself

I’m an entrepreneur, experience designer, community builder and brand strategist. Currently, I’m building Camp Supernow - a virtual platform for live, interactive kids educational content and community.

I’ve built my career around designing products and experiences that connect, inspire and delight people. I create at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds and I’m on a mission to make the world a more joyful and less lonely place ✨

You've built camp supernow... tell us more!

I started building Camp Supernow alongside my co-founder Rachel Breitenwischer last May when COVID forced us to shutter our IRL dating business. We were struck by how harmful the pandemic was to mental health and started thinking about the generation of kids that would be forced into isolation without any social connection, creative outlet or source of joy. So we created Camp Supernow as a magical escape for kids to make new friends, get moving, create art, and feed their curiosity, all while having fun.

Kids get access to live, interactive classes and shows on our digital platform. Our programming -- across movement, music, mindfulness, theater, cultural studies, and STEM -- is silly, story-driven, choose-your-own-adventure style content. We like to say it’s like Peloton (digital, community driven) meets-PBS (fun and educational).

If you could have one positive social impact on the world, what would it be?

I would erase loneliness and help people of all ages find communities that allow them to be their most authentic, unabashed selves. There’s nothing like being seen by those around you. Every project I’ve worked on has focused on this mission in some way.

What's the biggest lesson that you learnt as a result of the pandemic?

Stay close to your customers, keep observing and asking what they want. The sunk cost bias is real, but don’t be afraid to scrap things that aren’t working and pivot. Oh and trust your intuition. Most of the biggest business decisions we’ve ended up making during the pandemic were things we intuitively knew we needed to do long before we actually did them.

Advice for women looking to build a brand and brand awareness? Especially in a virtual environment.

Building a brand is all about defining what you stand for and who specifically you are creating value for. The strongest brands are not for everyone, they are for a very specific psychographic. Don’t be afraid to turn some people off. It’s better to be memorable and not for everyone than forgettable and appealing to all.

As you know, community is everything to us at Diem... how have your communities helped you both personally or professionally?

During the pandemic, Slack channels have become more important than ever in keeping me connected to various communities that I’m part of. I’m a member of countless channels including ones with former colleagues from past jobs, professionals in the consumer products space, and ones set up by investors as a way to connect founders for support and advice. That said, I very much look forward to being able to gather in person once more.

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