Lisa Yamner Green, from THE YES, on Community, Partnerships, & Transformation

Lisa! Tell us about yourself…

I am a perennial fashion shopper and total tech lover--- I love a good app that will change my day to day life. I’m a New Yorker with a little bit of Jersey Girl left in me. I love the solitude of an early morning run in Central Park mixed with the hustle of walking my kids to school an hour later. My 4pm go-to is an oat milk latte- iced or hot depending on the weather. And even though we have been WFH for over a year, I get dressed everyday and still gaze longingly at my heels.

You're currently Senior Vice President of Brand Partnerships and Operations at THE YES.... which we think is pretty epic. Tell everyone else about it…

After 12 years at Google working with amazing fashion brands, I am now shaping the future of ecommerce at THE YES and onboarding brands that range from Madewell to Bottega Veneta and everything in-between. THE YES builds a shopping experience around each woman who fills out our quiz. What this means is that a woman can now shop online as if she is walking into her favorite boutique where the sales associate has pulled the best items for her, in her style, size and budget, with a few surprises to help her discover what’s her next favorite item.

What does a typical day in the life look like for you?

Pre-pandemic I was on a plane every other week to Europe or the west coast to meet with brands we wanted to join THE YES. Today, I start the day by dropping my two children off at their school and head down to the office in Meatpacking or WFH depending on my meeting schedule. Plane trips and lunches with brand partners are now Zoom meetings. While this certainly makes things a bit more time efficient, I miss the real world meetings that allowed me to foster personal connections and have more fun. I take time out to connect with my team on stand-ups 3 times a week to make sure to capture the ‘water cooler’ chat and collaboration even if we can’t be together in the same physical space. I try to meet a friend or colleague for a quick tequila and then home to the family for the bedtime routine!

What’s the biggest transformation that you had to make due to the pandemic? How are you coming out of that 1-year later?

Transitioning to a virtual culture while maintaining personal connections was really important to me. I’ve always prided myself on the ability to create a sense of togetherness for my teams and being apart didn’t always make that easy. There were days when it was more difficult to motivate myself and my team, but we all powered through it together. I still can’t believe everything that we were able to accomplish while not being in the same place. I mean, we launched this incredible company from opposite sides of the country. I’m really proud of what we were able to do as a team and I think that being in the trenches and coming out of it so successfully will carry us through whatever the next challenges are.

You also worked in multiple positions over at Google, share more with us on what that experience was like?

Google was an incredible place to spend 12 years, and I was fortunate enough to explore a variety of opportunities while I was there. I worked across teams in both Latin America and the US, and the common thread in everything that I did there was teamwork and collaboration. I worked with the most incredible people and learned the importance of workplace culture.

What do you look for when choosing people or brands to partner with?

We want to work with brands that are interested in ‘what’s next’ for ecommerce and building for the long game. Brands and leaders that are not holding onto the past but want to be part of the modern version of shopping online. We want brands with a fashion point of view, emerging and runway, across every price point and style aesthetic. Our goal is to become the #1 destination for any woman to shop, and to do this right, we need a lot of brands!

As you know, community is everything to us. How has your community helped you navigate your personal and/or professional life?

There is not one move I make without plugging in and connecting with my community: of colleagues, close friends, fellow moms, and my team. I also believe and prioritize being there and supporting my people in any way I can. Whether that’s taking time out of my day to mentor a former colleague or fostering email introductions with people across my network, I take action and make things happen for others as I have seen my community do for me.

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