Meet the Host of The Morning Ritual Podcast, Lilly Balch

Lilly Balch – The Morning Ritual Podcast
Lilly Balch – The Morning Ritual Host

Tell us a little about yourself!

I'm a Brooklyn-based creative, therapeutic yoga teacher, meditation instructor, and spiritual seeker. Over the course of the past 5 years, I’ve shifted my passion from movement for performance's sake to movement for healing. Although I still consider myself a contemporary dance artist, I focus most of my energies on the world of yoga and meditation. I enjoy studying Buddhism in my free time and I’m a new dog mom to a gorgeous English Bulldog named Roseanne

You're the host of The Morning Ritual podcast – tell us more about it? What can listeners expect?

I created The Morning Ritual podcast at the start of the pandemic as an attempt to bring more structure and ease into my life as well as accessible tools for others to discover peace and spaciousness within theirs. Each episode is a short, sweet meditation designed to set the tone for the day. There are 140+ episodes with a varying range of topics from stress relief to self-love and facing fear to more traditional mindfulness-based meditations.

You're also a yoga instructor––what do you love most about this job?

I love carving out space and time for people to discover joy, freedom, and ease within. The best part is that yoga is a lifelong practice, there is always more to study, more to learn, and therefore, more to teach. It never gets old which I really appreciate.

What's your biggest passion in life?

At this moment, I am really into the body-mind connection. How can we use the body as a means to feel connected in the present? Connected to oneself and to one another. I have always been fascinated with how the body moves which led me to become a professional dancer and these days I’m interested in how the movements of the body affect the mind and how we connect to one another.

How has your community helped you navigate your personal & professional life?

Nothing makes me feel more grounded, centered, and relaxed than sharing yoga and meditation with my community, it’s reciprocal energy. Sharing in this way keeps me inspired in both my personal and professional lives.

Your business and day to day must have changed a lot the last year – how did you adapt?

Luckily many of my private clients have continued to practice with me virtually over the past year. However, I definitely found myself with a lot more time on my hands and less creative fulfillment which inspired me to create The Morning Ritual Podcast. From there I (recently) launched my own virtual studio which is something I never even thought of pre-pandemic!

How did you take time for yourself and self-care last year? Tell us your secrets.

Boundaries & baths. In all seriousness, I never knew how important boundaries were to self-care until this damn pandemic. Expressing my needs and carving out space to take care of myself has been a huge part of my journey this year. Along with prioritizing sleep, nutrition, meditation & movement every single day. Oh and warm lemon water in the am & pm!

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