Delanique Millwood on Prioritizing Self-Care, Skintellect and her Skincare Routine

Delanique Millwood Skintellect

Delanique! Tell us more about you.

There is so much! But to keep it short and on topic: I grew up with my grandmother in a tiny neighborhood in Kingston, Jamaica before moving to New York to study Advertising and Fashion Marketing. At first I thought I wanted to be a copywriter + work in fashion (which I did and still do in some way), but later on realized my passion for skincare and clean ingredients while experiencing a confidence-shattering acne breakout. Since I was already close to graduating, I continued with my studies but a year later participated in a cosmetics chemist program at UCLA to learn more about what causes acne and how to read an ingredients label. Fast track, I've worked with brands such as Dr. Barbara Sturm, La Mer, Nuria Beauty and Youth To The People before and during the launch of my skincare destination, Skintellect.

We're so obsessed with Skintellect... what are your dreams for it?

Gosh, thank you! I originally wanted to launch with a face or body product but decided that I wanted the brand to lead with education first with a skin-always intention. So beyond content across social, web, and newsletter, we're going to be hosting conversations with brand founders and masterclass sessions on product education. The ultimate goal is to launch a marketplace by the end of 2021 before officially launching namesake products three or so years from now.

Ok, so... we have to ask... what's your go-to skincare regime?

My skincare routine is deeply rooted in hydration! I'm a firm believer that it's nearly impossible to fight acne or get rid of hyperpigmentation if hydration is not at the core of your routine. So to give you a rundown: I typically cleanse with Youth To The People's superfood cleanser -- it's super hydrating and so good that you don't need to double cleanse, then I use clean skin club's 100% biodegradable facial towel to dry my skin instead of regular cloth towels. Immediately, I mist with YTTP's adaptogen face mist to add a bit of hydration before toning with Good Molecule's niacinamide brightening toner. Depending on how my skin is feeling, I'll layer on Dr. Sturm's hyaluronic serum, YTTP's clean caffeine vitamin c serum and Good Molecule's discoloration correcting serum. Finally, I seal it all in with Dr. Sturm's Face Cream and protect my glow with Dr. Jart+ Sun Fluid.

If you could have one positive social impact on the world, what would it be?

Honestly, to make people feel good about their skin. Self love doesn't start and end with skin, but we have to admit that when we are confident in our skin, we feel damn good about everything else!

How have you prioritized self-care in the last year?

Learning how to say no without guilt. I have struggled with that in so many ways more than one. I had to realize that being a people's person doesn't mean I have to be a people pleaser, pleasing everyone even when it doesn't serve me well.

As you know, community is everything to us at Diem... how has your community helped you navigate your life, personally and/or professionally?

On a personal level, my community of friends inspire me to be fearless. I wouldn't have launched Skintellect if it wasn't for the constant support of my friends. Then my community is just out of this world! They hold me accountable and really push me to be a better leader in this new solo entrepreneur life.

You're launching a community Space soon, what can members expect from it?

I am so so excited! Skintellect Space here on Diem is really that slice of Diem where we will get all nerdy about clean ingredients but also swoon over packaging. Above all, members should expect to meet like-minded Skintellectuals, share a space with a support group of womxn who are equally excited to chime in on product recommendations, and have loads of fun learning about skincare.

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