Daily Checklist for the Modern Gal During Covid-19

We get it, we're in a pandemic, but that doesn't mean that you should stop taking care of yourself. Here's a quick checklist to of things to ask yourself to make sure you're in tip top shape to fight this virus and life too.

1) Am I hydrating enough? about 2.7 litres/11.5 cups of water is recommended, more if you are feeling unwell)

Alternative take: You really need 2.7L/11.5 cups a day, more if you’re sick. Extraordinary skin elasticity can be an added benefit in addition to improved brain power, kidney function, and heart health.

2) How much news am I consuming? Checking 1-2x a day so you stay updated is necessary, checking hourly can be detrimental to your mental wellbeing. Leaving the news on in the background constantly can be devastating to both your health and productivity.

Alternative take: Catching up 1-2x a day so you know what’s going on = responsible citizen. Listening to the news as your background noise all day = a major killer to your mental health and productivity levels.

3)What’s my hormonal situation? Changes in your period, weight gain or loss, and skin changes can indicate your hormones are on a bit of a roller coaster. Stressful times can wreak havoc on our bodies. These changes can send us subtle messages that we need to tune to what is going on and follow up with our doctors if symptoms persist.

Alternative take: Acne, weight gain, or a missed period? Wake up! It is more than just being stuck inside your home. These changes can send us subtle messages that we need to monitor our health and follow up with a doctor.

4)Am I eating foods that nourish me? During times like these, we can default to our yummiest comfort foods, however these foods are often not sustainable to rely on beyond the occasional indulgence.

Alternative take: if M&Ms ARE your diet, consider incorporating at least a few colorful fruits and vegetables into your day. Frozen or fresh, it doesn't matter.

5) Am I connecting with my friends and family? Something within our control is who we connect with on a daily basis. Just because we have to physically distance, doesn’t mean we have to be deprived of love, joy, and connection.