Having a Wedding During COVID? Diem Co-Founder, Divia, gives her advice

Planning a wedding COVID-19

If you have had any conversation with me over the last year, you know that I am without a doubt a covid bride. Not only am I a covid bride, but I am also an Indian covid bride which makes it even more problematic. Indian weddings are typically not only a month-long process filled with people and functions but they are also usually full of hundred and hundreds of people. Obviously, in the world of COVID, that’s not really realistic.

I got engaged in March of last year, literally the weekend NYC was shutting down. Lucky for us we had not finalized booking anything yet and only had to cancel our engagement party and religious engagement ceremony. I spent most of the first few months of quarantine planning a wedding and then realizing it wouldn’t happen stopped and started again in the summer and that pattern pretty much continued on and off until the beginning of this year. FINALLY, we decided to just book the wedding and accept it would be wherever we could make it happen. Here are a few things I have learned along the way.

Be Zen

Getting married in the middle of a global pandemic means that there is an endless list of things that are out of your control. From family not being able to fly in, to masks in all your pictures, limits on the number of people and overall covid anxiety you just have to accept this is not going to be what you may have pictured it to be.

Outdoors if possible

One of the biggest things we found helpful for covid regulations and guest comfort was optimizing for outdoor functions. We planned as many events as possible outdoors and found that it made everyone more comfortable and regulations easier.

Communicate with guests

One thing we have been doing throughout the wedding planning process is communicating with our guests actively and being understanding. Everyone has a different comfort level with covid we have been actively chatting with friends and family about their comfort level for different events and it was very helpful in how we brought everything together. Another thing I found was how important it is to be understanding. Covid is kind of a crazy scary thing. There are a lot of people who I really wanted at my wedding who just couldn’t take the risk and instead of pressuring or making them feel guilty, I have been trying to be as understanding as possible.


One thing we are planning on doing is leveraging technology and setting up livestreams at every function for friends and family who cannot attend to make them feel apart of the special day. We are also recording them so its a fun and easy way to capture our day!

Be flexible

There are so many things I have had to adjust and change because of covid and I have had to be flexible. I have had to change vendors, locations, and outfits. I would have gone crazy if I had my mind stuck on one single things, you have to be flexible.

Lean Guestlist

The one benefit of a covid wedding is I was able to create a guest list of people I truly wanted at my wedding. I really sat and thought through the people I wanted to be there. Don’t waste an invitation on a friend of a friend or some crazy social obligation. In the middle of a pandemic you should really focus your list on the closest friends and family.

Read the regulations and talk to people who understand them

Not only is it important to read the regulations but talk to people in the industry who deal with them every day. We found it incredibly helpful to talk to our venue coordinators and DJ as they were people who deal with covid regulations every day. We were able to create a wedding with more ease because we listened to the advice of people who know what they are talking about.

Dream Wedding Mindset

Lastly, the thing that I keep in my mind when things start to get tough with wedding planning is there is no such thing as a “Dream Wedding.” At the end of the day, it should be about you and your dream partner and relationship because that’s all that matters. If you truly believe you have that the day (or days in my case) will be amazing no matter what.

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