Breastfeeding is not easy! Let's dive into breastfeeding and its common challenges with Dr. Jasjit

There are a number of reasons women may experience challenges while breastfeeding, here's a few of them and how to treat. You got this!

Breastfeeding challeneges and treatments

Nipple pain!

411: Its is one of the most common complaints. It is common to have nipple sensitivity which resolves after 30 seconds after suckling begins Cause: Nipple injury is usually due to poor positioning or poor latch on by the baby. To prevent this first learn how to better position the baby so they can latch on better. If your nipples are injured to better promote healing, you can first let them air dry as much as you can. Treatment: If they are cracked or raw you can put breast milk or ointment (such as lanolin) on your nipple and cover them with a pad. DO NOT use vitamin E on your nipples because this can be toxic to your baby

Plugged duct:

411: a plugged duct can cause a attender or painful lump to form on the breast.

Cause: Can be caused by food feeding, tight clothing, abrupt decrease in feedings or infections.

Treatment: You can try warm compresses and massage out the area with the lump. You can try mild pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. If it doesn't get better you should see your doctor


411: This is an inflammation of the breast that is often associated with fever, breast pain and redness.

Treatment: You will need to see your doctor on this because they may prescribe you antibiotics if indicated in addition to warm compresses. You can continue to breastfeed during this time because it will help to empty your breasts

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