Five Reasons Why You May Feel Chronically Fatigued

chronic fatigue, wanting to sleep

You simply may not be getting enough sleep.

If this is you, write down all the reasons why you don’t get to bed earlier at night. If it's because you’re working, can you stop an hour earlier? We know for a lot of us it's often mindless scrolling on our phones. Which, in our opinion offers you far less benefit than an extra hour or two of Zzzz. Having a deadline at night for phone use, cutting off caffeine by noon, or listening to white noise/a sleep story can help you get to sleep a little bit earlier.

The quality of your sleep is poor.

Are you getting up a lot at night? This can put a major damper on your ability to get sound sleep, the restorative kind that makes you feel like a QUEEN in the morning. Quality of sleep can be affected by stress and anxiety, health issues like acid reflux and pain, caffeine consumption, or less common sleep disorders.

You are experiencing mental health issues.

This last year has been incredibly hard. We have been away from the people we love, doing the things we love, all while worrying about our own health and the health of those we love. However, constant stress and anxiety can cause our minds to simply work in overdrive. Also, feelings of low mood can contribute to our overall energy levels. Counselling and mental health is a luxury we at Diem believe everyone should be entitled to. This has been a hard year and we encourage everyone to access mental health care, even if it is to maintain the fabulous mood you’re in.

The food you’re eating is not nourishing you in ways it could.

Don’t worry, we love a good hamburger too, but is the food you’re putting into your body overall contributing to you feeling good? If you see more bread than veggies, it may be time to reconsider a meal or two so that your average meal is promoting health and not illness.

There is something more going on.

Chronic fatigue can sometimes be caused by things such as low iron or B12, hypothyroidism, or other anaemias caused by bleeding. This leads us to our most important point… if you are experiencing chronic fatigue, and there is not an obvious cause like you stayed up until 4 am on TikTok, talk to your care provider. They may decide that the first step is to check your blood work. If all comes back normal, revisit steps 1-4.

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