Allie Egan on building a strong team, her new company – Veracity – and skincare from the inside out

Allie Egan CEO Veracity Skincare

Hey Allie! Tell us more about you…

My name is Allie Egan and I am the founder and CEO of Veracity Selfcare, and former CEO of Cynthia Rowley. Throughout my time working for CR and for skincare companies like La Mer, Clinique, and Origins, I suffered dry patches on my face and could not manage to find relief regardless of the topical products I tried. I was left in the dark without a reason or cause until one day, when I went in for seemingly **unrelated fertility testing, I uncovered a hormonal imbalance that ended up being the direct cause of my years-long skin issues. This is what inspired me to start Veracity. I wanted to give women a solution to uncover the link between their hormonal health and their skin health.

You’re currently building Veracity, tell us about it!

Veracity takes a new approach to skincare in which we give you the means to treat your skin from the inside out - really focusing on treating root causes over symptoms. Veracity offers an at home hormone test that takes a sample of your saliva and tests it for 6 biofactors that are directly linked to skin health. We take a different approach to skincare because we know that our skin is a constant work in progress, and that as life changes our skin changes, too.

We just started limited sales of our testing kits and will launch our amazing line of clinically proven and 100% hormone-safe skincare in June!

What lessons as CEO of Cynthia Rowley are you bringing to your own start-up?

The importance of a strong team. I am so proud that the entire Veracity team - our employees and our Medical advisors, who range from Dermatology to Functional Medicine and Nutrition - are women.

Another lesson is to put the brand first over any sales targets or other metrics. We are purposely starting slow so we can offer the most incredible experience to all of our customers who really look to us for answers to some of their most pressing skin concerns.

Advice for women who are looking to start their own businesses?

Don’t be afraid to dive in and learn as you go! The best way to learn is to do. And honestly, no one really knows what they’re doing so why not just go for it and try?

You're also a new mom (congrats!) – how has juggling being a mom with a new business (during a pandemic) been for you?

As a woman, the expectations that I put on myself, and that society puts on me, are naturally higher - I am expected to be ‘on’ at all times. When I am not putting my son down for a nap, I’m on Zoom calls with investors. Learning how to manage my time and still be a present mother to my son and a leader of this company has certainly been a challenge, but both of them are my babies and I strongly believe they can coexist.

As you know, we're all about community... how has your community helped you both personally and professionally?

I would not be where I am now if it was not for the incredible community I have cultivated. Support is everything and I am reminded of that every day in what I do. I used to be quite a reserved person - having started my career in finance I was "trained" that way, but sharing my story, and the stories of so many other amazing women, has enabled me to experience a newfound sense of connection and is helping to authentically spread the word about the mission of Veracity - the mission of empowering women to make the best decisions for their skin and health.

You're launching your community Space in Diem soon, what can women expect from it?

Expect lots of talk with our experts on all things hormones, cycles, fertility, and being the complex and capable women that we are! We're also hoping to connect more women to each other based on similar biofactor readings - so you can get advice and counsel from someone who is experiencing a similar hardship.

Enjoyed this? Come join the #skincare Space in Diem & stay tuned for the launch of Veracity's Space!