Does the "vampire" face mask actually work?

Okay so if you're on Instagram, maybe TikTok and have possibly also strayed into the terrifying depths of Reddit and are pretty interested in skincare... I'm going to take a guess you've prob seen lotsa pics of people looking like their face is covered in blood.

Hopefully, you quickly realized they had not in fact been involved in a terrible accident and it was actually The Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% solution.

So! Why do I recommend (carefully) adding it into your skincare regime?

  • For me, chemical exfoliation is better than physical exfoliation. I prefer it and often find it gentler on my skin than a scrub.

  • Don't let the name deceive you –– your skin won't visibly peel off and the mask also won't satisfying peel off like those face mask you used when you were 15. But it does peel off the tiiiiny skin particles, dirt, etc leaving you extra glowy and clean.

  • My face looks instantly brighter as soon as I wash it off and I've seen a measurable difference in the appearance of blackheads, which during this masked up life are commonly very happy on my nose.

I will add that I've used this multiple times and you've really gotta keep an eye on the time, don't leave it on for longer than the prescribed 10 mins thinking you'll be fine & extra glowy. On one memorable occassion I started replying to emails and ended up forgetting to wash it for 30 mins (20 mins longer than recommended). Let's just say it led to an interesting day of Zoom calls. Aside from this I've been super impressed with the results and it always leaves my skin glowing. A BONUS feature, it's literally $7. Obviously everyone's skin reacts differently but if this sounds like something for you, check it out [here].

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